Mike had a client who wanted him to do some video work in central Oregon on a Friday. I agreed to go with him. I arranged a client visit on Friday to make it productive. Little did I know…

On the Monday before, we received a call from Deschutes County Planning Department that our application for an extension of the conditional use permit on the property would have to be denied because of a new state LUBA decision. We were both crazy busy that week – Mike flew to Utah for a quick business trip and I argued a big summary judgment motion. We did make some calls and spoke to a land us lawyer but we didn’t do anything until Thursday. Then, we worked towards getting an initiation of use ruling, which meant we had to spend $30K on the property. Matt, our contractor, helped us.

On Friday, Mike went to work. I filled out our application, went to the electric company, a well driller, and our designer and wrote them checks and got receipts. Then, I went to the County and filed the application. It was a long, intense day for both of us. We did the best we could with the application and now we cross our fingers.

This photo was us celebrating the day and enjoying our first cheaper beer with our 7th Street Brewery mugs.

After a long walk in Sisters

by Vicki on February 16, 2019

Valentine’s Day

by Vicki on February 14, 2019

We had flights and confections at the Pour House. It was fun. We were super busy so the time together was nice.

First Run Since Surgery – Yeah!

by Vicki on February 2, 2019

Weekend Adventures

by Vicki on February 2, 2019

First Run – 2019

by Vicki on February 2, 2019

I was so excited to get the green light to run. Well, my PT said I should do intervals of speed walking and slow walking. Mike and I interpreted that as slow jogging and walking. It was awesome!

Interesting end of the year.

by Vicki on December 25, 2018

It was a good, busy, and interesting year for us. We bought property in Redmond, traveled for work, trained for Hood to Coast and attended it but didn’t run, bought a hop plant and tried to grow hops, camped and hiked, suffered an injury and had surgery, sold our house, and moved into the rental.

Working on house plans

Photobombed while taking a selfie of the Rockefeller Christmas tree.

Light show in New York.

Working on the property.

She picked the new bed.